Beatles 50th Anniversary Remasters Coming

The 2-CD set comes with a specially-designed book that is a historical trove of concert and intimate photos taken by Astrid Kirchherr and others who were with The Beatles during the early days of their career. The book also includes handwritten biographies by each member of the group, signed contracts, original artwork taken from posters and records, and text by Hans Olof Gottfridsson, who has spent years researching this period of the Beatles’ career.

True Beatle Fans know that before they had success with Parlaphone and Capitol Records, The Beatles (with Pete Best on drums), recorded a dozen or so tracks for Bert Kaempfertts label, Polydor, backing Tony Sheridan. Among the gems recorded, “Cry For a Shadow”, an instrumental nudge to Cliff Richard’s group, written by George and John; “My Bonnie” with a lead vocal by Tony, was a chart hit in the U.S. post invasion, and “Ain’t She Sweet”, a full Lennon vocal that packs a powerful punch.

Polydor executive and big band leader Bert Kaempfert discovered the
group in a German nightclub, signing them to his own company and then
releasing the songs through Polydor. The night they signed the contract at Kaempfert’s kitchen table, the four Beatles wrote brief autobiographies, reproduced here in their original handwriting. Through a combination of music, photos, documents, artwork and history, THE BEATLES WITH TONY SHERIDAN: FIRST RECORDINGS beautifully captures John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison just before they rocketed to international stardom. The earliest days of The Beatles have never been revisited in such detail.

The set includes every recording they made for Kaempfert and Polydor in 1961 and 1962. Multiple versions have been released throughout the past several decades – some in mono, some in stereo – each with distinctly different sounds. Most notably, the US versions of these tracks were overdubbed with another guitar player and drummer in an attempt to mirror the edgier sound the group had evolved into, unbeknownst to American fans at the time of their release in 1964. All versions of every track, including mono and stereo mixes, are included in the double disc set, remarkable in their difference but all bearing the same unmistakable sound of a wholly new kind of band.

Many of the Polydor tracks feature Tony Sheridan on lead vocals, a decision made by Kaempfert, but The Beatles tracks as outlined above, are spectacular.

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