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From FAB 4 to FAB $                 From FAB 4 to FAB $
AMC Network ran an episode of Mad Men and made history playing The Beatles' ''Tomorrow Never Knows''. Never before has a Fab Four song ever been licensed for use on a TV series. Continue Reading a great story.

And It All Started Here             And It All Started Here
Paul's home on Forthlin Road featured in a new documentary marking the 50th Anniversary "Love Me Do." Amazing things are sometimes created in little places. Read a history of the song that launched a culture.

Sir Paul In Da'CUSE?                Sir Paul In Da'CUSE?
Submitted By: Carol Shoudy
Submitted By: Carol Shoudy While our affiliate station, WSEN 92.1FM was asleep at the wheel, Ronnie Miller from Y94FM confirmed the excitement in sleepy Syracuse, NY when Macca visited his father-in-law''s biz.

Beatle Booty Asleep                 Beatle Booty Asleep
UPDATE By A. Parisi: Philip Weiss Auction sold the painting for $155,250. The Beatles played 5 concerts in Japan, 1966. To help pass the time The Boys took up painting. Read the entire story, JOIN The BBC.

Little Boy Found                    Little Boy Found
By Don E Gee
It was the Summer of '63, Russell Beatle was found wandering the streets by Liverpool police. He ran away from home to join The Beatles. And why not with such an appropriate last name.

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