The Beatle Brunch Cruise
Sailed to Sea and Back

Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch dodged hurricanes and tropical storms and sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale on a Beatles Cruise that brought together generations of fans high upon the sea!
Though Hurricane Gustav kept us out of Cozumel, we did manage to sneak in a day in Key West and then steamed over to The Bahamas, blasting Beatle tunes along the way.

joe Return3JoeReturn
Michael (George), Shane (Paul), Joe, Adam (John) and Richard (Ringo).

Cruising out of Ft. Lauderdale on Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas, Joe J and 200 of his closest Beatle pals sang along to “The Return”, who played an unbelievable acoustic show on Saturday night, and a full blown concert stage show, complete with authentic Beatle costumes, on Sunday night. The Return’s harmonies were spot on, and the boys played their authentic Beatle instruments, like John’s Rickenbacker and Paul’s Hoffner bass.  The had the audience on their feet for most of the numbers aspecially when they closed out with “Twist and Shout”.
We highly recommend you check them out at  We hope to have them back for another Beatle Brunch event in the near future.

Deb, Louie, Beatle Ken, Mr. Ed Rudy, Beatle Ken's pal.

Don E. Gee, Joe J, Deb, Louie, Mr. Ed Rudy, Beatle Ken and pal.

Beatle pals filled in the weekend with special shows and events, hosted by Joe J and his entourage, including the original Fifth Beatle Mr. Ed Rudy, ( who told stories of traveling to Miami with The Beatles in 1964 and rooming with George at the Deauville Hotel on Miami Beach, when they came to play their second Ed Sullivan show. Ed graciously signed copies of his Beatle’s tour interview CDs with 100 percent of the proceeds going to The Majic Children’s Fund charity in Miami.  Thanks Ed! What a pleasure hanging out with you and Edie.



We hosted “Beatle Idol”, an opportunity for Beatle fans to sing Karaoke to Beatle Tunes, with the top vote getters actually getting to sing live with The ReturnBeatle Ken tied with The Beatle Birds, both getting a “10” from “Simon Joe”, Paula Mindy” and “Randy Rick” and each took the stage to sing their winning song with the band.

Trivia contestants Beatle Ken (with Joe J), Marsha and Leslie.

Our Beatles Trivia was won hands down by Beatle Brunch listener Marsha Kimmel from Pierrefonds, Quebec Canada, while Leslie Wolf, from Indianapolis, IN was a big winner in our Name That Tune Contest in the lounge on Sunday afternoon.

Trivia contest underway.

Trivia contest underway.

Trivia contest underway.

Don E Gee, Sandi and Joe's Mom Flo.


A big Beatle thanks goes out to artist extraordinaire Jon Blosdale of The Dennilu Company, who brought along his Beatles Cartoon Art for show and sale to the gang.  Jon generously donated a piece of framed art to The Majic Children’s Fund, which raised $500 for the charity when Don E. Gee snapped it up in the silent auction.

Ron and Cheryl Scavron from Cruise One greet the crowd.

A special Beatle Brunch thanks to all of our more than 200  Brunch listeners who came aboard this four night cruise, plus thanks to our behind the scenes stars, Don E. Gee, Steve Altman, Connie Estopinan and Ron and Cheryl Scavron from Cruise One (  We couldn’t’ have done it without you.


Joe Johnson with The Return.






Joe onstage with Ron and Cheryl from Cruise One, and Mindy Lang & Rick Shaw from Majic 102.7.



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Joe with Ron from Cruise One

Beatle Ken

Crazy Louie
Crazy Louie







Miami radio legend Rick Shaw also told stories of meeting The Beatles in Jacksonville and being among the first in the country to play “I Want to Hold Your Hand” on the radio in early 1964.

Mindy Lang

Joe Johnson


Michael (George)

Richard (John)

Shane (Paul)

Adam (Ringo)


Could another cruise be on the horizon?  All we can say is “A Splendid Time Was Had by All”.  In the meantime, join us as we cruise into Nashville for Fab Four Fest 2008 on Friday and Saturday, October 24th and 25th.