on the HIGH SEAS

Now you can picture yourself in a boat on a river … well … the Caribbean Ocean and All our Friends are Aboard and Many More of Them Live Next Door on this incredible Beatles Tribute Cruise.

It sets sail from Ft. Lauderdale on 3/28/10 aboard Royal Caribbean’s newest and most luxurious ship the Independence of the Seas for 6 nights. On our Long and Winding Road we’ll stop at Belize City, Cozumel and Costa Maya. Joining this Magical History Cruise will be some Beatles insiders who loved, lived with, photographed, wrote about and captured the stories and images of the Beatles as few people ever have.

All Together Now we have:

Beatle Brunch’s own, Joe Johnson
Cruise Co-Host
Joe will handle the Beatles Trivia Contest (with some fantastic Beatles prizes) and conducting Jorie Gracen’s Question and Answer Session called “Behind the Lens with Paul McCartney”.
Joe will also be doing his famous "Name that Tune" and other great Beatles activities and giveaways.

May Pang
John’s former assistant, girlfriend and the author of “Loving John” and “Instamatic Karma”
MAY PANG worked for ABKCO, in the early 1970's, and from there was hired as John and Yoko's personal assistant.
She spent the "Long Weekend" with John Lennon. John recorded "Walls and Bridges", and "Rock and Roll" with May by his side. After her relationship with Lennon ended, May Pang worked for Island Records and United Artists. In addition to photography, she designs a line of feng shui jewelry and furniture. She lives in New York with her two children.

Nancy Lee Andrews
Ringo’s former fiancee’, fashion model, photographer and the author of “A Dose of Rock and Roll”
May and Nancy will participate in their own Q & A Session called “The Rock and Roll Asylum” which will take you back to the time they met when John and May rented Peter Lawford’s house on Santa Monica Beach in order to record Harry Nilsson’s Pussycats album.
Her six-year relationship (1974-1980) and engagement with Ringo granted her an all access pass to a world beyond the velvet rope.
Part of that access included intimate and candid photographs of Ringo Starr's life in the seventies. Andrews started her career on the other side of the lens in 1970 when renowned photographer Milton Greene recognized her need to click the shutter. Living with them were Ringo, Keith Moon, Klaus Voormann and Harry Nilsson. This is where John Lennon set Nancy up with Ringo. They will have some great stories to tell.

the World’s Greatest Beatles Artist, just had her name placed on the Cavern Club’s Wall of Fame.
She is the first non-musician to be honored this way. The day of the cruise, March 28, 2010. She will unveil eight of her Beatles creations for the Hard Days Night Hotel. Her first book is coming out in March, 2010 and our cruise will be the first stop on her book tour. And maybe with a little coaxing (OK…very little) we can get her to create one of her original Beatles art pieces on the ship.

Paul Saltzman
Beatles photographer and the author of “The Beatles in Rishikesh”. A new printing of his book is "The Beatles in India"
Paul will be hosting his Beatles in India Multi-Media presentation. He spent a week talking to and photographing The Beatles and the Mararishi while studying Transendental Meditation
. He has first-hand knowledge of John and Paul working out songs like "Dear Prudence and "Obladi-Oblada" for the White Album.

Jorie Gracen
Has been taking pictures of Paul McCartney for over 20 years.
Author of “I Saw Him Standing There”

America’s Premier Tribute to the Beatles who will be performing three times during our 6 night cruise.
There will also be an All Acoustic Set, a High Octane Dance Set for our Costume Party and their Full Production Three-Costume-Change Show. (can you guess which costumes?)
They’ll also be conducting a Beatles Guitar Workshop, so don’t forget to bring your guitar.

PLUS Private Beatles Events with Cruise Promoter & Host, Woody Lifton
- “In the Studio/Karaoke Party”
- An opening night, open-bar Meet and Greet, Picture Session with our guests and BritBeat.
- All of our guests will have their books, photos and artwork available for purchase.
- A special autograph session. Get your pictures, books, photos and artwork signed by our guests.

A few pictures from our last Beatle Brunch Cruise




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Our Beatles Tribute Cruise is also a Fund Raiser for the Dara Roberts Fund. Dara is a young Beatles fan with Cerebral Palsy who lives in New Jersey but attends Stanford University. It takes an incredible amount of special equipment for Dara to be at Stanford living on her own. We’d like to help her out as much as possible.

Beatle Brunch Fans and BBC’ers don’t miss this one ... again. Please act now!

Booking your cruise is simple; just go to the Beatles Tribute Cruise Registration page and book it today. Before you know it’ll be anchors away joining your hosts, Joe Johnson and Woody Lifton, for the Beatles vacation of a lifetime … a fun-filled week cruising the Caribbean.

The Sun is up…the Sky is Blue…it’s beautiful and so is the Beatles Tribute Cruise!

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