Fab Faux Excerpt from BBC Chat,
June 26, 2011

It was a blistering hot Sunday night in South Florida, but the fast FAB Faux conversation added a cool breeze to our BBC Chat Room.  Will Lee, Frank Angello, Rich Pagano and Jack Petruzzelli unloaded a barrage of magically musical conversation enough to satisfy the Philadelphia Philharmonic let alone the stellar turnout of BBC'ers who ate all it up like it was their last supper.  The guys had more stuff to say than Dennis Miller on a good day.  We're just slap happy that this "Band of Italians" did not decide to go into the restaurant business.  BBC'ers sounded off and The Fab Faux guys shot back with their best. 

Here's an excerpt from the on-line BBC Chat Room banter:
Tom Frangione: Who decides what "theme sets" or album to perform at each show?
Will Lee: we try to mix it up in each venue and do something we haven't done before
Frank Agnello: We all decide - we talk it over, and try to choose something we think the folks in the city we're playing might like to hear.
Will Lee: Frank is the master at putting set lists together 
Frank Agnello: I do the first draft, then we all fine-tune 
Joe J: When did The Fab Faux first Come Together? 
Frank Agnello: April 2, 1998
Rich Pagano: Will and I were touring with the late great Hiram Bullock. Our sound checks were chocked with Beatles grooves and riffs ... it was a match made in heaven.
Tom Frangione: OK, I know I've spotted Will roaming the halls at the Beatlefest in NJ. Ya know, Joe hosts the Beatles Trivia contest (I assist). Would you guys like to play in a Fab Faux round? Who amongst you would emerge the winner ?
Rich Pagano: I would put my money on Frank.
Will Lee: Frank would always win a Beatles trivia contest
Ed Hartnett: What musicians or groups were an influence on you?
Rich Pagano: Early influences; top 40 radio, Benny Goodman (my dad would play him constantly), Elton John, Al Green and early Yes.
Will Lee: My early influences were Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughan, other jazzers
Al Sussman: There are a number of venues that you've played multiple times. Any favorite theaters?
Frank Agnello: The Cavern Club was very hot, but it was a blast.
Judy Blackwell: OK at the risk of sounding very stupid, Frank did you mean the REAL Cavern Club?
Al Sussman: Yeah, Frank, I hear that there's very little ventilation down there.
Rich Pagano: Newport News University has a great mix of architecture at their college venue - a mix of Roman arches and IM Pei (sic)
Tom Frangione: TELL THE TRUTH: when you played the Cavern (or any other place the Beatles played), do you get the "oh yeah, this is the real deal" buzz and actually BECOME a Beatle in your own mind?
Frank Agnello: The original Cavern Club was torn down around 1984, so it was next door, where Paul played a few years ago.
Rich Pagano: But we did almost pass out from heat stroke - it's hot down there!
Frank Agnello: Definitely a huge "real deal" buzz at both Studio 2 Abbey Road and The Ed Sullivan Theater - tangible "lots of people have done important stuff here" vibe.
Al Sussman: Right, Frank, it's not every Beatles band that can say they played Studio 2 at Abbey road!
Will Lee: Abbey Road Studio 2 was completely surreal
Frank Agnello: I kissed the wall at Studio 2 when I walked in.
Rich Pagano: We used the original mics and the tack piano (O bla di...) in Studio 2
Jack Petruzzelli: studio #2. you can feel the DNA coming off the walls
Judy Blackwell: It must have been an incredible honor to be at Studio 2.
Bill Haack: For authenticity, do you play mistakes that are in Beatle records. Like the wrong bass chord in All My loving or sing the wrong line in Please Please Me?
Judy Blackwell: FF, Joe just mentioned that you don't play the typical Beatles songs, what are some of the titles that you have performed?
Robert Korhonen: I've been enjoying the rerelease of the 1970 "McCartney". Do you guys ever play any Beatle SOLO material?
Frank Agnello: Yes, we get a kick out of mimic-ing the dropout in the stereo "Day Tripper" for example...
Rich Pagano: some mistakes: the wiped guitar in Day Tripper; The wiped snare drum in Glass Onion ... we do it but the rest are within reason; I think.
Will Lee: Fab Faux is known for doing Revolution #9, we've done You Know My Name Look Up The Number and all kinds of crazy stuff
Rich Pagano: Our solo years show is one of our best!
Frank Agnello: I've got a question for you folks - if & when you've seen one of our shows, do you think of it in terms of hearing Beatles music, or do you think you're going to see a band that just happens to play Beatles music (hint: we've been told both)
Joe Johnson: For me, I think way above seeing a Beatles tribute band. I always tell people "if you've seen a sound-alike band, forget it ... this (group) will blow you away". Anyone who've ever come to your show always takes me aside to thank me for turning them on to you guys.
Tom Frangione: FRANK - not sure there's a difference?
Al Sussman: No, a band that just happens to do Beatles music - not a wigs and suits Beatles band.
Ed Hartnett: I don't care.  I've seen many Beatle tribute bands and you guys prefer not to have costume changes, so for me it's to see you do your version of Beatle music
Robert Korhonen: I come to the show knowing you will play my favorite Beatle tunes with accuracy and passion.
Frank Agnello: Or, that a certain amount of personality comes through that's unique to that band, and not so much the Beatles per se.
Rich Pagano: I never fancied myself as a 'replicator' so sometimes staying within the parameters is a challenge but Ringo is such a big influence that always pokes out in all I do.
Jack Petruzzelli: We have our lefty
Al Sussman: By now I think your individual personalities have become fairly well-known ... well, two more than the others. :-)
Will Lee: I love the comment I've heard from new audience members and that is; "I never really liked The Beatles, but I love what you guys are doing."
Rich Pagano: Jimmy - pure Paterson, NJ! - don't mess with him!
Robert Korhonen: Do you guys sing in the original keys or do you tailor it for your voices?
Rich Pagano: original keys and NO FAKE ACCENTS
Tom Frangione: RICH - no fake accents ??? You mean that's really how Jimmy speaks ??? :)
Joe Johnson: Love that you don't do the Liverpool accents
Frank Agnello: All original keys - except "Revolution" and "Across the Universe" which are both halfway between 2 keys.
Ed Hartnett: By the way to add - you guys are NOTE perfect
Tom Frangione: OK - MY LAST QUESTION FOR THE NIGHT: Push comes to shove, each of you - what is your all time favorite Beatle song ?
Joe Johnson: Last?
Rich Pagano: Tonight it is I Feel Fine...that will change, tho.
Will Lee: My favorite Beatle song changes everyday - today it's Sexy Sadie
Joe Johnson: Can't wait for the Parker Playhouse Fort Lauderdale, Florida show guys! We will have another sell out night!
Tom Frangione: Promise ;)
Ed Hartnett: I will definitely save a date for you when you play in my area again
Rich Pagano: Ok, gotta run the bath for Jr ... thanks all and see you in Ft Lauderdale!
Judy Blackwell: I'm so glad you guys could join us tonight!
Joe Johnson: Golden Slumbers and Good Nite guys. Thank you so much for joining us.
Bill Haack: Hey guys, can't wait to see you July 23rd. I'll be there 2nd row center. Throw me some picks please! Such an honor to talk to you. Thanks for everything!
Joseph Holtwick: Yeah, Golden Slumbers!!!
Robert Korhonen: see you there
Al Sussman: Yeah, this was great, guys! Best of luck with everything!
Don E Gee See you guys ... really appreciate you stopping by to chat with us. Great having you in The BBC
Will Lee: goodnight everybody, everybody everywhere. goodnight
Frank Agnello: See you soon - looking forward to the Parker in a few short weeks - goodnight everybody, and thanks, Joe, Don, & Co. for asking us to participate - it was a lot of fun!

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