Picture yourself ...

Meeting the original "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" artist ... Julian Lennon !

Exclusive BeatleBrunch field report
by Nikki Denett

Hello Beatle Brunchers!

On Tuesday December 15th, I had the honor of meeting Julian Lennon when he came to New York City to promote his new single entitled "Lucy", a song he has written about his friend who had recently lost her battle with lupus. Lucy, of course, was Julian's childhood classmate whom he immortalised ina painting called "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", which he showed to his father, John, who loved the phrase, and in turn was inspired to write a song by the same title.

I had found out from the station's website that Julian would not only be performing his new single (his first piece of new music in ten years) but he would also personally meet all of the fans who would come to see him. Golden Opportunity, right? So on this chilly Tuesday morning, I found myself outside the CBS studios on 59th and 5th Ave at 6:30AM waiting (and freezing) with a group of fellow die hard Julian/John/Beatles fans, hoping to catch a glimpse of Julian as he prepared for his sound check through the enormous glass windows of the studio. Unfortunately for us, the sound check had already been wrapped, and Julian was nowhere in sight. Upon arriving, I quickly noticed that I was the youngest one there (a recurring theme whenever I enter a Beatles fan environment) so my nerves got the best of me and I hesitated to strike up conversation.

Luckily, one of the older women broke the ice and announced to the small group of us that she ran a website called BeatlesRadio.com. She informed us that she had brought a tape recorder and invited us to record a "promo" for the site; meaning we'd say our name, where we live and attach a cheesy "and you're listening to beatlesradio.com!" message. I suddenly thought "hey, if she's a part of a Beatles website/radio organization, she might know BeatleBrunch!" Okay,so here's the deal with me and BeatleBrunch. The amazing Tom Frangione is my cousin (and Beatles genius) and whenever I find myself in situations such as these, I tend to "namedrop" him and of course Joe Johnson in order to see what type of reaction I'll get (as well as to establish some street cred, since I'm still a rookie in this Beatle game). I'm happy to report that the reaction I received was an awesome one. There were a whole lot of folks whose heads turned at that point. The Beatlesradio.com woman looked at me wide-eyed as if I said that Paul McCartney was my father.

"Joe Johnson's your cousin!?!?" "No, Tom Frangione is my cousin" I say as-a-matter-of-factly "He writes for BeatleBrunch and also helps Joe with the Beatles trivia and Name-That-Tune contests at the Fest For Beatles Fans." "I know him! I go every year!" she exclaimed. After that, everyone shared stories about the conventions of years past, talked about who they saw, what they saw and most importantly, how great of an experience it was.I must say that the BeatleBrunch chatter really helped make the time pass quickly!


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After about an hour and half of waiting in the freezing cold, we were told that Julian was going to come outside to meet us soon. They lined us up behind barricades and we all hurriedly pulled out what we had for him to sign. I had his "Photograph Smile" album and upon glancing around I noticed that many other people were clutching the same album. After waiting there for a few minutes Julian finally emerged from the studio and towards the barricades to our little crowd of people.

We all watched excitedly as he began signing the items that were being held out for him. Almost immediately right after he began signing, he stopped for a moment to talk to one of his band members, who happened to be directly in front of where I was standing. I now had Julian Lennon standing 3 feet away from me. So what did I do? Get his attention, of course! I called out "Hey Jules!" to which he looked over, saw me, and smiled."I cut school to come see you!" I continued,expecting to get a laugh out of him. But what happened next will probably go down in history as one of the most unexpectedly AWESOME moments of my life. He walks over to me, smiling, and says in his infamous scouse accent "oh my naughty naughty girl!" and precedes to kiss me on both cheeks, European style. Best reception ever.

He signed my album and agreed to a picture and continued to do so for every one else that was in attendance. Afterward he returned inside to perform "Lucy", much to the dismay of the other fans, who thought he would be doing an outdoor performance. He then gave a short interview,and then exited the building once again, still stopping to sign autographs on the way to his waiting car.

It was quite an experience that morning, and definitely a highlight for me. I now can say first-hand now that BeatleBrunch is hot stuff! I can't wait for the next time when I can mention it and up my street cred again. Hopefully I will get the opportunity whenever I get to meet Sir Paul McCartney (It's my goal in life). Hope you enjoyed this experience as much as I did Beatle Brunchers! Peace and Love!