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BBC members were invited to join in a live, intimate chat with the one and only, Pete Best! Pete was at The Casbah’s Computer Café to personally answer BBC’ers for a full 45 minute Live Chat. Look for a new Live Chat every month on The BBC.

Beatle Brunch Club member Kathleen Leaf who listens to The Brunch on Pittsburgh Radio station WWSW was on line in our BBC Chat Room with Pete Best. She was selected at random to win a copy of "Haymans Green" by The Pete Best Band. Membership has its benefits!

Thank you to all of our Beatle Brunch Club Members who were online to chat with the legendary Beatles drummer Pete Best. Pete was very cordial and answered all of the questions posted, about his new CD, his home at The Casbah, his old drum kit and instruments, how he loved playing in Hamburg and so much more. It was very insightful. We look forward to having Pete on the show very soon. Thank you Pete!


Check out Pete Best's Book about The Casbah in Liverpool!

The Club That Gave Birth to the Beatles and Started a Music Revolution.

For the first time in forty years, Beatles’ fans can finally get an inside look at the club that brought together some of the greatest names in rock music and became the catalyst for the Mersey Beat phenomenon that swept Liverpool in the early 1960s.

monaThe Casbah Coffee Club, which opened in Liverpool on August 29, 1959,was the brainchild of Mona Best, the mother of Pete Best. It is well known that Pete Best was the drummer for The Beatles in their early days in Liverpool and Hamburg. But less well known is that The Beatles’ origins were in fact at Pete’s mother’s club--it was at the Casbah and with Mona Best’s blessing that the greatest popular music phenomenon of the twentieth century began.

Written by Roag Best with brothers Pete and Rory, The Beatles: The True Beginnings is a fascinating personal memoir of this extraordinary time, sprinkled with comments from many who lived the experience. It documents the club’s and The Beatles’ intertwined stories, revealing a wealth of rare material from the club and the Bests’ own archives, with beautifully shot, full-color images by renowned photographer Sandro Sodano.

“I think it’s a good idea to let people know about the Casbah. They know about the Cavern, they know about some of those things, but the Casbah was the place where all that started. We helped decorate it and stuff. We looked upon it as our own personal club.”--Sir Paul McCartney.


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haymans green
Pete Best
New Release:

The autobiographical CD reflects Pete’s thoughts and feelings as he takes us from the time he was a Beatle (which included the famous Hamburg, Germany tour dates, and the BBC, Polydor, Decca, and EMI recordings), before mysteriously getting fired, to the anguish of losing the gig and then finding his own way as The Beatles went on to superstardom.

The eleven tracks recorded by The Pete Best Band are, in essence, a musical documentary encapsulating Pete’s mind-set and reflections about those now famous days. Haymans Green, is the name of the street where The Casbah Club is located. Pete says, “At the time, the excitement around the club and The Beatles was overwhelming for us all. When that ended for me I found myself Broken, the title of one of the tracks on the CD. We were on the verge of international stardom and then the dreams I helped build with my fellow Beatles were snatched away. I was left to crash and burn … Broken. I chose to stand tall. As the song says, ‘When I’m beat, you won’t see me down. When I’m weak, I’ll turn it around’… or at least I’ll try. I think I did.”

pete drums

The album, in true Liverpudlian flavor, shows Best as one of the cornerstones of the original sounds of the Beatles. But it is not the Hamburg sound. Its style is more modern, something new and different, which tantalizingly hints at the creativity that Pete could have brought to the Beatles had he remained in the group. As reflected in another track "Everything I Want", Pete says, “It’s about my life … the measure of it. Even without the dizzying heights of my fellow Beatles, I still have everything I want.”

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