Bruncher, Tim Piper Returns
Beatle Brunch is proud to announce True Rock Theatre and The Hayworth Theatre will present a limited engagement of the critically acclaimed production of “
Just Imagine” starring Tim Piper as John Lennon

Imagine John Lennon returns for one last concert and YOU ARE THERE!

"Just Imagine" transports you to another place and time, putting you 'one on one' with the musical legend who shook the world. Experience Lennon's timeless musical genius as Tim Piper takes you through John's life from tumultuous childhood to worldwide pop music superstar and groundbreaking social icon that influenced generations.

You'll share a unique perspective on John's life, the stories behind the songs, and revealing insights about the birth of the Beatles, the pressures of super-stardom, and John's relationships with his loves and fellow Beatles.
$65.00 - Abbey Road Seating 
$55.00 - Strawberry Fields Seating 
$40.00 - Cavern Club Seating 
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“Critics Choice! Remarkable! Evocative! Totally Rocks!” - LA TIMES 
“Go!” - LA WEEKLY 
“Amazing!” - VARIETY 
“Tim Piper IS John Lennon!” - 790 KABC RADIO

Review by Ethan Silver

Some of our readers are lucky enough to have seen John Lennon perform, either as part of The Beatles or after his departure from the famous group.  Others, like me, have only videos to watch as we reminisce about a time of which we may not have been a part. But, in Just Imagine, John Lennon returns and is given “…one more chance to see life from a different perspective.”  The audience, in turn, is given a chance to experience the life story of one of the most iconic men in the history of music, as told through the eyes of actor / producer/ Lennon impersonator, Tim Piper.   

From start to finish, the production wows the audience with a combination of live music, video animation and actual footage, which creates such a surrealistic 60s vibe that one can not help but feel in the moment.  With so much music and an incredible number of songs included in the set list, it is amazing that the production lasts only 90 minutes.  Although many songs are played in full, the band keeps it moving by playing only the meat and potatoes of certain selections, being sure to include the well-known hooks from the biggest hits.  This has it all, from early Beatles to Lennon’s work with Yoko.

Just Imagine is indeed a concert, but it is also theater.  Between songs, Lennon (Tim Piper) spellbinds the audience with stories about his life from his tumultuous beginning, to the formation of the Beatles, to his last days.  The dialogue is full of actual Lennon quotes which are seamlessly integrated into the script and delivered as if for the first time, including the Yoko Ono controversy (cue the jeers from the crowd) and the last days with the Beatles complete with the resulting media backlash.  This comes from an entirely different point of view than one could gain from an outside-looking-in perspective and it through this dialogue that the audience is allowed a glimpse of a uniquely human John Lennon.
One of the unexpected elements of the show is the ten minutes or so when Lennon gives the band a “union” break, takes out his guitar and heads into the audience asking for requests, which he plays without hesitation, resulting in an all-out audience sing-along.  It is obvious that this production is a labor of love for those involved, as evidenced by the actors / musicians onstage.  Greg Piper (Bass / Musical Director / Producer), Don Butler (Lead Guitar), Don Poncher (Drums) and Morley Bartnoff (Keyboardist) are all fascinating to watch as each visibly enjoys his work.  The highlight of the night comes as the band plays “I Want You” in a style that rivals any version this writer has seen performed either live or recorded.

In a refreshing change of pace, the show steers clear of discussing Lennon’s untimely death, except for a brief newspaper headline at the opening.  Instead, we are allowed to experience a celebration of his life, music and message in a hybridization of a Pink Floyd concert and an episode of MTV Unplugged.  All in all, this is a fun and unique journey into the history of John Lennon and perhaps the most famous rock group of all time, The Beatles.  Just Imagine is the show to see for die-hard fans and anyone who loves rock and roll. What a great time!


Show Info
Fri and Sat at 8:00PM 
Sunday 3:00PM TIL June 12

The Hayworth Theatre 
2509 Wilshire Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA  90057 
Parking Lot Parking 
(323) 960-4442
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