Ringo and Joe Walsh
New Albums 

Ringo announced on a video blog from his website, RingoStarr.com, that he is currently recording songs for a new album. He said that both Paul McCartney and Joe Walsh play on the album.

Ringo also says he plans to tour Europe this summer, and will be playing Hamburg on his 71st birthday, July 7th. On May 7th, Ringo will sit in with Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings at a benefit in London.

Meanwhile, Ringo's bro-in-law, married to Marjorie Bach, is also releasing a solo album this year, which he's been working on in between Eagles concert dates. This will Joe's first album in nearly 18 years and will be produced by Jeff Lynne, who produced The Traveling Wilburys as well as The Beatles Anthology tracks, "Free as a Bird" and "Real Love".



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