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My Baby’s Request
By Don E. Gee
The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has discussed the legacy of his former band, saying that people are "only interested in the eight years I was in The Beatles."

Starr recently spoke to Billboard (via NME) about his new solo album, stating the nostalgic songs on his LP are taking the place of his autobiography.

Starr continued: "I'm going to write snippets of my life on each album. One track on each is dedicated to memories of the past, incidents of the past." The Ringed One speaks again.

I wonder - what's he really saying? Why is writing a memoir such a big deal? It's easy and he has plenty of available resources to help him.

Come on Ritchie, please allow me to use some of those nostalgic lyrics you believe are important for fans to understand your very special and significant history. Here's my take:

I love you, 'cause you tell me things I want to know.1 You're asking me, will my love grow.2 Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.3 Let me know the way.4

I hope you get the idea that there are no lyrics in the world that will provide the inside story about Ringo Starr, his mark, his feeling throughout life, that certain, je ne sais quoi, about him as a youngster and the man that can be shared with the world. Sometimes it's all about celebrities the fans create and that's why, Ringo, it's so important to get it together - write your memoirs or your life will be reduced to only lyrics where everyone will wonder - What if Ringo Starr wasn't in The Beatles?

1. Ask Me Why | 2. Something | 3. Strawberry Fields | 4. Long and Winding Road

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