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The Story That Means a Lot The Story That Means a Lot
The Lennon–McCartney song "That Means A Lot" was turned over to P J Proby who released it in September 1965. The song was intended for "Help" but The Beatles were dissatisfied with it and subsequently their version was released in "Anthology 2" 1966. Lennon said at the time, "This song is a ballad which Paul and I wrote for the film but we found we just couldn't sing it (in a 1980 Playboy interview John gave the credit to Paul for writing the song [those boys, always bickering!]). In fact, we made a hash of it, so we thought we'd better give it to someone who could do it well." In an interview with Mark Lewisohn in 1988, McCartney said, "There were a few songs that we were just not as keen on, or we didn't think they were quite finished. This was one of them." Because Brian Epstein was managing P J Proby at the time, he got the call.

P J Proby was from Houston, Texas. He was an aspiring actor and being a pretty good singer he did a great Elvis Presley impersonation which may have given him the balls to write songs and demos for Presley (Bobby Vee was another artist he did same). Eventually P J recorded a few tunes, "Go, Girl, Go" and "Loud Perfume" released on an independent label and in 1961 signed to Liberty records where he recorded several flops, but his main success came when he signed with Brian Epstein. In 1964 P J first appeared on the British TV Show, "Around The Beatles" and scored a string of UK top hits, "Hold Me" and "Together" (featuring future Yard Birds - Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page on guitar). He also recorded covers from West Side Story, "Maria" and "Somewhere," later recording The Beatles' "That Means A Lot" reaching the UK's #24 in NME (New Musical Express Magazine). It didn't do very well on the US Billboard Chart as did following tunes he recorded, however, in 1967 his song, "Niki Hoeky" hit #30 on Billboard (and we all remember that tune covered by Bobbie Gentry, Burton Cummings and Aretha Franklin). In the fall of 1968, Proby recorded the album "Three Week Hero" that was released in September 1969 by Liberty Records. The album was a mixture of dramatic pop, blues, rock, and country style songs. While it did not succeed commercially, it is best remembered today as the first time the members of Led Zeppelin recorded together in the studio. The album was reissued on CD in 1994.

How easy was it for the musicians of the soon come, mega rock band, Led Zeppelin to consider Robert Plant over P J Proby?

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