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Debra McCafferty Debra McCafferty
Riverside, CA
Joined: 05/11/2008
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Thank you for being a part of The Beatle Brunch Club.

We want to make your Club experience worthwhile so please feel free to send us your comments.

We ask all members to support their local radio stations by contacting the Program Director and saying you love Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch.

Tell us if you think a station might be interested in airing The Brunch, or if you have any thoughts for a special themed Beatle Brunch radio show, marketing ideas and/or Clubsite desires ... please let us know. As a member, get involved with the BBC Community; post on The FabForum, hang out in the BBC Chat Room Sundays at 9AM or First Thursdays with Joe J., and of course, please support our advertising partners. This is YOUR Community, a special place where you can go to Live The Culture.

Send correspondence to

When the guys are cruising Penny Lane and you're faced with issues incomprehensible to most mortal men our able webmaster, Peter will oblige any questions regarding web issues such as downloading The Brunch, OBS, Audio & Videos, the misfirings of navigation; basically anything technical please ask Peter.

This instant, send him an instant message for an instant answer at Yahoo Instant Messenger under the user ID, beatlebrunchclub or send an e-mail to:

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