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Liverpool, FL
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Paul is Back One on One
Paul is Back One on One
Following a seven week summer hiatus, Paul McCartney and his band returned to the stage, launching the current leg of their One On One Tour which resumed Monday September 11, but at the weekend show, Paul was NOT The Boss: Bruce was! Read more!

Paul is Back One on One

Counting On The Beatles
Counting On The Beatles
Author and musician Lou Abbott breaks down The Beatles "I Want to Hold Your Hand" and other early hits to show how much musical prowess they truly possessed.

Counting On The Beatles

Hearing Sgt. Pepper at 50
Hearing Sgt. Pepper at 50
Sgt. Pepper is still teaching the band to play, but this time, it's to the newly remastered Sgt. Pepper 50th. See Tom and Bruce's listening party review.

Hearing Sgt. Pepper at 50

Deciphering SFF
Deciphering SFF
Let me take you down to Strawberry Fields as Dr. Lou Abbott dissects The Beatles' classic hit, SFF, with the skill only a trained musician and music scholar can convey to every rock connoisseur or music lover. Another FAB Deciphering.

Deciphering SFF

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