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Bloomington, IN
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The Brunch is Back in Bama 8/25/2017
Rick Peters / Joe Johnson
We´re happy to report that Beatle Brunch is back on in Montgomery, AL, on a new station, with a tried-and-true concept: Album Rock! Hear The Brunch Sundays at 10 am on The Vault 107.1

The Vault takes listeners back to the original days of classic rock radio, when deejays could actually PICK the music they played, in fact, it´s encouraged at The Vault.

The idea came to Program Director / General Manager Rick Peters, who said, "Back in the day, when we bought an album, we knew every song on that album, not just the one or two hits", so The Vault allows the deejays to play deep into an Allman Brother´s album, or track Fleetwood Mac´s Rumours for example. It brings back the true days of album rock but really allows the jocks musical freedom, something many stations claim, while behind the scenes, their air staff is stuck with a computerized pre-programmed list of songs in automation.

click here to listen and don´t forget to click on Sundays at 10 am.

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