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Beatles News
Ringo Gets KNIGHTED! 3/21/2018
BBC News / Mark Savage
Ringo is the second Beatle to be knighted, as Paul McCartney received his Knighthood 21 years ago. In 1996, George Martin, Beatles Producer, was also Knighted. When the BBC asked Ringo what it means, he answered, "It means a lot actually. It means recognition for the things we´ve done. I was really pleased to accept this."

The honor comes 53 years after The Beatles were all awarded the MBE - and Starr said he had missed his bandmates´ companionship this time round, "I was a bit shaky today on my own," he said.

When The Beatles received their MBEs in October 1965, the occasion was not without controversy. Rock and roll was still viewed with suspicion by the establishment and several previous honorees returned their medals in disgust. John Lennon later claimed that the Beatles were so nervous at the idea of meeting the Queen they sneaked into a bathroom at Buckingham Palace for a cigarette, though many took it to mean they smoked pot in the palace loo.

In 1969, politically charged John Lennon returned his MBE to The Queen, with a note that also said he was also doing so "because Cold Turkey" fell off the charts.

Ringo arrived at the investiture with his wife, Barbara Bach, offering his trademark peace sign for fans and photographers. Asked whether he wanted to be known as "Sir Ringo", he replied: "I don´t know yet. It´s new and I don´t know how you use it properly, but I expect YOU to use it", he jokingly told BBC reporter Colin Paterson

Asked what he was going to do with his medal, Ringo replied, "I´ll be wearing it at breakfast! Who said that?" laughed the drummer after Tuesday´s ceremony. "I´m not keeping that rumor going."

Asked about his Beatle Brother, Paul, Ringo said the pair had met for dinner last week in Los Angeles, and Sir Paul had offered him some advice for the ceremony: "Keep smiling."

We´re all smiling, Ringo! Congratulations from the entire Beatle Brunch family. To see the videos from The BBC, click here

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