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Paul on Carpool Kareoke! 6/9/2018
Liverpool Echo and various photos
The Beatle buzz began when Paul McCartney was spotted and trailed in Liverpool, alongside the host of CBS The Late Late Show, James Corden, walking through Liverpool and taking selfies at a statue of Paul, leading fans to assume that he just taped the ultimate episode of Carpool Kareoke, the much loved Corden feature from his late night show, and now CBS has confirmed it WILL happen

The legend was photographed at the Pier Head on Saturday taking a selfie with his own statue, with James and what looks like fans or show staffers. There´s also a photo of Sir Paul in a car with Corden on Allerton Road, The pair was also unsurprisingly seen on Penny Lane and Paul was photographed outside his boyhood home on Forthlin Road, plus there's a shot of the two of them in a large black SUV with Paul behind the wheel.

This is Cordens great get. The British citizen has always maintained that Sir Paul would be his #1 choice, the only glitch is, how can you limit the singing along to 5 or 6 songs when Pauls catalog of Beatles and solo numbers in the hundreds?

Read and see more at this link from The Echo here!. The segment will air on The CBS Late Late Show the week that James is hosting 4 shows from London, June 18-21. We have been told that the segment will air on Thursday nights show (Fri 12:37 am at 12:37 am on CBS), so DVR Alert! Don't miss it!

Listen to Beatle Brunch to hear clips from Carpool Kareoke after it airs.

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