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All You Need is THIS Book 7/21/2018
Simon and Schuster
Two new children’s books are set to add pictures to the lyrics of The Beatles’ John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

On Thursday, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing announced that it will publish two books aimed at kids reimagining songs by the Beatles as picture stories. The series will begin with the band’s iconic hit “All You Need Is Love,” and will feature illustrations by Marc Rosenthal.

“This timeless song rings true now more than ever,” said Valerie Garfield, Vice President and Publisher of Little Simon in a statement. “We feel there is always a market for books about hope, and John Lennon and Paul McCartney have written songs that resonate with parents and children who want to look at the world with hope and love.”

This isn’t the first instance books have been based on Beatles songs: In 2014, Ringo Starr collaborated with illustrator Ben Cort on an adaptation of “Octopus’s Garden.”

The first book is set for release in January 2019 via the imprint Little Simon. The song featured and release date of the second book will be announced at a future date. The books will be released through a licensing agreement with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Sony/ATV’s Global Licensing Agent, Epic Rights.

Listen to Joe Johnson´s Beatle Brunch for more of this wonderful publication.

Graphic courtesy of Simon and Schuster.

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