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Debra McCafferty Debra McCafferty
Riverside, CA
Joined: 05/11/2008
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Join the BBC for Free Trial 12/14/2018
Happy Christmas Beatle People!

We´ve opened up The Beatle Brunch Club for free for 12 FAB days! Now through Christmas day, just click on the box with Santa´s picture posing with the Boys and you can create a temporary free account, to hear and see all that The Beatle Brunch Club has to offer!

It´s our annual 12 Days of The BBC for free! Check out Beatle Brunch shows on demand, go back in time and listen to Old Brown Shows, see videos, post photos, join in on our live chat every Sunday morning at 9 am eastern, and just have an all around FAB time as a full member of The BBC (Thats The Beatle Brunch Club for short).

HERES THE COOLEST PART! At the end of the free trial period, we´ll chose ONE lucky temporary member to win the 4 LP While Album Remastered Vinyl, including the remixed White Album AND The Esher Demos on discs 3-4. So when you join you´re automatically entered to win. The only caveat is that you must have an address in the U.S. to ship to, as it´s cost prohibitive to ship to countries outside the United States.

So click on the cartoon Santa (drawn by Anthony Parisi), give me an answer, fill in a form, ours forever more (or until the free trial runs out). Oh, and sometimes we "forget" to end the trial for a while, so you never know how much longer the free BBC trial will last. But join NOW so you can start listening.

BTW members of the club get to listen and download every weeks show a day early, on Saturday. All shows are commercial free and come with bonus tracks. Theres NO REASON not to try the BBC for Free!

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