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Beatles Trivia WINNER! 1/4/2019
Joe Johnson
Here at Beatle Brunch, we’re excited to announce that last year’s winner, Jennifer, won again in 2018. She tallied up 4,973 points last yea easily eclipsing the 4,405 she earned in 2017. BBC member Robbie White trailed a close second with 4,842 points for the year. In third place we had a tie between Robert Marr and Richard Aussner with 4,802 points each, and our old friend Margot Winick landed in fifth place with 4,732 points.

Jennifer won a really Fab prize: The complete Beatles stereo remastered vinyl box set sealed in a collectible case that includes a nice book. The albums have never been played and the box only opened once to shoot a video. We tried to convince Jen to let us just play the set over the phone to her to save shipping charges, but she didn’t fall for it. She did, however, reveal her secret to winning two years in a row. She attributed it to:

“Watching a lot of Beatles videos, reading a number of Beatle books, going to Beatles festivals, listening to my Beatles/Solo records and reading the album notes/credits, and of course listening to the Brunch every week!” Thanks Jen, we think that’s a recipe for success too.

Does she have any advice for a Beatle fan entering the 2019 contest?

“Yes, use a computer with high speed internet capability when feasible - every second counts to get more points when answering. If you don’t know the answer, guess as quickly as you can.”

Jen’s an avid Beatle fan and collector and her favorite bits of Beatles memorabilia she’s collected over 40 years?

“I love my vintage Beatles bubble gum cards. I worked hard over the years to collect all of the Color Cards, Diary Cards, 3 series of B&W autograph cards, and A Hard Day’s Night Cards. That was the first thing I bought at the Fest for Beatles Fans in 1979 - the set of Beatles Color Cards for, get this, $15!”

Well now she can add this collectible vinyl box set to her treasure trove.

Here’s how YOU can play Beatle Brunch Magical Mystery Trivia: Every Sunday, a new question will be available in the Beatle Brunch Club “Trivia” tab. Log in at in the “BBC Member Log In” tab at the top of the page.

Each question will contain Four Fab possible answers. Choose the correct one as quickly as you can because time is of the essence. If you answer incorrect, guess again and again until you have chosen the correct answer. Your points total will be based upon how fast you answer. The good news is, if you’ve missed a week or haven’t started playing yet, the 2019 questions are already up, and you can play catch-up by starting with question 1 from January 6th. There’s no penalty for playing late as long as you finish by the last Sunday of 2019. You could conceivably answer all 52 questions on the last day if you wish, but that’s a lot of pressure, don’t you think? "Yes it is", said John Lennon in 1965.

We haven’t announced the trivia grand prize for 2019 yet, but we have our eyes on something really classic and great from the Beatle Brunch vault! So good luck in 2019! You’ll actually have better luck this year because our two-time winner Jennifer has offered to be on the sidelines for this next round.

Have fun playing along and congrats to not only Jennifer but to ALL of your Beatle Brunch listeners who’ve played and enjoyed it!

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