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Joey Walko-Robinson Joey Walko-Robinson
Waterbury, CT
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George on a Jazz Album? 4/20/2019
Tom Frangione
In 1969 the “quiet Beatle” recorded several hours worth of mostly improvised jazz instrumentals with bassist Percy Heath and drummer Connie Kay of the Modern Jazz Quartet. The session was in London, when the MJQ was there to record “Space,” the second and last album the MJQ would record for Apple.

Percy Heath disclosed the existence of the recordings during an interview, saying “Connie and I went into the studio with George. he wanted to make a jazz record. We spent a day at the studio. Harrison wanted to play some jazz, and he was improvising pretty well. A musician is a musician, and you’d be surprised about who could play jazz and blues. We enjoyed the date with him.”

Unclear whether any of the Harrison session material was possibly used (with him uncredited) on the actual “Space” album …. Gottaogo re-listen to that one!

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