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Kevin Palmer Kevin Palmer
Coral Springs, FL
Joined: 10/7/2012
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Covering The Beatles 7/5/2019
Over the years, Beatle Brunch has evolved. We donít just play the music of The Beatles as a group, we feature them solo, live, Wings Over America, together when possible, like when Paul joins Ringo on stage or guests on one of his songs, friends of the band whoíve played with the band or members there-of. We feature tribute artists like The Jukebox, Britbeat, The Fab Faux and current solo tributes like our dear friend Hal Bruce. Luckily, The Beatles have continued as the most legendary band of all time, so when we received this email from Beatle Brunch Club member Jay Rawley, (pictured with his lovely wife Pam), right on the heels of the Yesterday filmīs release, we thought youíve love to read it too:

Hi Joe, Just a note to say thank you for embracing the Yesterday movie. There does seem to be a lot of debate on this movie, and since I havenít seen it yet, I donít really have an opinion on it yet. But I really appreciate that your show acknowledges and includes things like the LOVE show, The Fab Faux, (Paulīs guitarist) Brian Ray, Laurence Juber etc.. Beatle things, that arenít just Beatles.

But I get the controversy. Iím 62, a Beatle fan since Ď64. When I as in my twenties, I wanted my Beatles 100% unadulterated single barrel. When the broadway show Beatlemania came out, I was appalled, no, outraged! When I saw Sgt Pepper in the theatre (1978), blasphemy!!! Lol! Iíve mellowed out quite a bit ;). Over the years Iíve come to realize that one of the many things The Beatles championed was to keep an open mind, and I think this applies even to their own work. Not to say I like all of these interpretations of their work, but Iíve come to appreciate that these projects come from a place of respect and love of The Beatles works. I donít think Iíve ever heard a cover version of a Beatle song that I liked more than the original, but Iíve heard a lot that I liked..;)

Anyway, sorry for my Friday ramblings, love your show, glad that Iím a subscriber, and finally, as you succinctly nailed it in your tweet, ďremember, we still have the original..Ē

Take care,
Jay Rawley

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