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Walking Back to Abbey Road 7/14/2019
Various sources / Beatlefan
Unconfirmed details of the upcoming 50th anniversary "Abbey Road" set are showing up on social media. Here, from a knowledgeable source in direct contact with Apple Corps, is what we are learning.

At this time, the "Abbey Road" 50th anniversary set is 3 CDs and a Blu-ray. The first disc is the remix, the second CD is alternate versions in order (with "Her Majesty" back in in its original spot, between "Mean Mr. Mustard" and "Polytheme Pam") and a third disc of tidbits and associated songs from the time period.

A friend of the Brunch heard the first run-thru of "I Want You" from Feb. 15, 1969, at Trident Studios and said it was "haunting." The 5.1 surround mix has the "Because" vocals-only, as well as the separated vocals from "Come Together" (which finally settle that is is indeed Paul on backing vocals).

For the accompanying book, Paul has contributed 80 "never before seen" photos by Linda from the studio sessions, and Kevin Howlett has done the majority of the historical writing.

At this point, both Paul and Ringo are due to attend the September 26, unveiling of the album at Abbey Road´s Studio 2 in London, likely right on the famed zebra crossing.

ABBEY ROAD’ ANNIVERSARY SUPER DELUXE EDITION (4 DISC) 12” x 12” hardcover book to house:
CD1: New ‘Abbey Road’ stereo album mix
CD2: Demos and Outtakes
CD3: Demos and Outtakes
DISC 4 (Blu-ray): Dolby Atmos mix of whole album / 5.1 surround of whole album / hi-res stereo mix of whole album Book Limited Edition

Although we have seen a draft of a 3CD track list, this was not final, but here´s what we saw:

Abbey Road published track list, 1969

I Want You (She’s So Heavy) [Take 32 + Billy Organ] Goodbye [Demo] Something [Demo] Ballad Of John And Yoko [Take 7] Old Brown Shoe [Take 2] Oh Darling [Take 4] Octopus Garden [Take 9] You Never Give Me Your Money [Take 36] Her Majesty [Takes 1-3] Golden Slumbers - Carry That Wait [Takes 1-3] Here Comes The Sun [Take 9] Maxwell´s Silver Hammer [Take 12]

Come Together [Take 5]
The End [Take 3]
Sun King / Mean Mr Mustard [Take 20]
Polythene Pam - Bathroom Window [Take 27]
Because [Take 1]
The Long One [Trial Edit and Mix]
Something [Orchestral – Take 39]
Golden Slumbers [Take 17]


Expanded 2CD package features the new stereo album mix on and adds a second CD of demos and outtakes Limited edition


1CD digi featuring the new ‘Abbey Road’ stereo album mix Unlimited edition


12” x 12” lift off lid box to house:
LP1: New ‘Abbey Road’ stereo album mix
LP2: Demos and Outtakes
LP3: Demos and Outtakes
Limited edition


180-gram 1LP vinyl featuring the new stereo album mix Packaging faithful to the original album

Of course, there will also be non-physical formats for purchase or streaming.

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