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Iowa City, IA
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Paul to Release Soundchecks 8/4/2019
Sir Paul and his band have something up their collective sleeves that very few have ever experienced. Paul has announced on his website that he and the band are planning to release an album of cuts from their improvised soundchecks, done a few hours before each show.

The soundchecks typically include songs from the show that they´re still perfecting, but most fans who´ve attended a soundcheck (or could hear them wafting over the stadium roof), love that they often include classics like "It´s Now or Never", Carl Perkins tunes that Paul loves, or solo Macca and Wings b-sides. Paul has even been known to play a request from a fan. At a soundcheck Beatle Brunch host Joe Johnson attended in 2010, Paul allowed a young girl to bring her sign forward with "C-Moon" written on it, then he and band promptly launched into it! Paul teased out that he has a "treasure trove" of unheard material they´ve been keeping recordings of over the years.

In the interview, Paul was asked if they still ad-lib at soundcheck, and he replied: "Yeah, we do! We´ve got millions of them! And fortunately, there´s a guy called Jamie, who logs them. It´s a little treasure trove, and one day we will have to put together an album with a selection of these songs the that we´ve gathered."

Meanwhile, McCartney has just announced he´s working on a stage adaptation of ´It´s A Wonderful Life´. Read details in the news below this story here on our home page.

Cover photo courtesy of Rick Glover.

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