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Debra McCafferty Debra McCafferty
Riverside, CA
Joined: 05/11/2008
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Paul on an All Star Salute 8/18/2019
Jennifer Sandi
Henry McCullough a highly experienced Irish musician passed away in 2016, following a lengthy career that included a vital contribution to Wings. And now, a tribute single has been arranged to salute his memory, and it features an all-star cast of musicians.

Co-written by Henry himself alongside Don Mescall , ´Live Long Rock ´n´ Roll´ was pieced together by a cast that includes Procal Harum´s Gary Brooker , Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason , legendary guitarist Albert Lee and others.

Given Henry´s Wings association, the team working on the single reached out to Sir Paul McCartney for a bass line - and he happily obliged.

Don Mescall told Hot Press magazine: "Everyone told me I was crazy and I´d never get him. But a week or two later, word got back to me from Macca that he loved the song and he really wanted to play on it."

"There are still some times when I´m on my own in the studio when I´ll listen to Paul McCartney´s bass on the track and think, ´If anyone brought magic to this track - it was Sir Paul. I have to hand it to him. This wasn´t a rush-job, he put heart and soul into the bass line on the track. It´s absolutely incredible."

´Live Long Rock ´n´ Roll´ will be released on August 16th.

This article was submitted by BBC member Jennifer Sandi

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