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Bloomington, IN
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Beatles News
Abbey Road Celebrations 9/26/2019
Beatlefan Extra
A quick report from Simon Rogers on this morning’s “Abbey Road” playback at Abbey Road Studios (Thursday 9/26).

A selection of vintage instruments actually used on various Beatles sessions were set up on display, a mockup as close as they could get to what instruments played on the album “Abbey Road.”

Producer of the newly remixed Abbey Road album, Giles Martin talked a little bit about his lead-up to working on “Abbey Road” with his work on the previously released “Sgt. Pepper” and White Album reissues. He joked about how fun he thought it would be to have a full Dolby Atmos rig set up in Studio 2. The rig itself was huge, filling up half the studio.

Martin went on to say the feeling you got from the album was "a sense of fun of a band playing in a room, in fact this room." By the way, the report says, it sounds "bloody amazing" in Dolby Atmos. Immersive, punchy and, above all, freaking loud.

Ringo is currently at the Cadogan Hotel doing TV interviews. I spoke to a guy from the "Today" show from Australia who had just interviewed Ringo. He told me there is something going on at Abbey Road tonight at 6 p.m. [London time]. He couldn´t confirm who was attending but he hinted at Paul and Ringo. Friend of Beatle Brunch and co-host of The Fab Fourum on Sirius/XM, Tom Frangione IS there and will have a story and pics, we hope.

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