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Maria Siciliano Maria Siciliano
Chicago, IL
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Pauls Stay @ Home Playlist 4/3/2020
Paul McCartney is highlighting songs from his catalog, including some deep cuts, that you might want to pop into your playlist, or listen on SPOTIFY.

Home Tonight / In a Hurry -Egypt Station extra
With a Little Luck - Wings London Town
Somebody Who Cares - Tug of War
Mama´s Little Girl - Red Rose Speedway
How Kind of You - Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
Sweetest Little Show - Pipes of Peace
I Owe it all to You - Off the Ground
Hand in Hand - Egypt Station
Put it There - Flowers in the Dirt
I am Your Singer - Wings Wild Life
Eat at Home - Linda McCartney - Ram

This can go hand-in-hand with some of the Beatles songs our listeners suggested for maintaining Social Distancing:

Get Back
You´e Got to Hide Your Love Away
Isolation - John Lennon
The End of the Line / Handle With Care- The Traveling Wilburys
Don´t Pass Me By
Run For Your Life
All By Myself - Ringo Starr
Back off Boogaloo - Ringo Starr
Too Many People - Paul McCartney
I´ll Be Back
Keep Your Hands off My Baby
Beware My Love - Paul McCartney
The Long and Winding Road
Scared - John Lennon
I Feel Fine
Man We Was Lonely - Paul McCartney
Don´t Bother Me
You Can´t Do That
Go Now - Wings
Blow Away - George Harrison
Time to Hide - Wings
Slow Down
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